Vanguard of Destiny (Unmei no Sendō-sha!!) is the first episode of Cardfight!! Vanguard. It premiered in Japan on January 8, 2011. When Aichi Sendo's Blaster Blade card is stolen, he must win a Vanguard battle against the top player, Toshiki Kai, to get it back. But there's a problem: he's never played Vanguard before!


Kai plays his drive trigger.

episode begins with Katsumi Morikawa's Juggernaut Maximum racing towards Toshiki Kai's Nehalem. Toshiki then ca

Aichi ponders his next move

lls Dragonic Overlord and defeats Morikawa. He then leaves while Mo

Aichi prepares to fight.

rikawa complains about his own bad luck, and his friend, Taishi Miwa, compliments him on his win. He also says Toshiki is the best at the Card Capital, and that Morikawa is a loser. When Toshiki is alone, he wonders if that is all it takes to be the best by defeating Morikawa, and that level of play doesn't get him excited. He wonders if there are any strong Vanguard players around that could give him a challenge. The scene then switches to Hitsue Middle School, where Aichi's teacher is showing the class battle strategies. Mo

Toshiki calls Bahr.

rikawa notices that Aichi has pulled out a Blaster Blade card, and after class, he confronts Aichi and takes the card from him. Morikawa then heads to the Card Capital and challenges Toshiki to a Vanguard re-match. Whoever won would get to keep Aichi's Blaster Blade card. As Aichi arrives, Toshiki had just beaten Morikawa again, and claimed the Blaster Blade card. Aichi begs for it back, but Toshiki makes him a deal: if Aichi beats him in a cardfight, he will give him Blaster Blade back. Aichi agrees, and they begin their Vanguard battle!

Continued next episode

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