Enter the Ninja Fighter (Ninja Faita Sanjou) is the tenth episode of Cardfight!! Vanguard. It was supposed to premiere on March 12, 2011, but because of the recent disasters in Japan, it was delayed until March 18. The shop tournament continues and Aichi goes up against a strange man in a ninja costume in a Vanguard fight.

Kamui and Kai breeze through the first round. A man named Ninja Master M also makes it through, but is badly insulted by a
kid for being a weirdo. Aichi’s next match is against Ninja Master M and for some reason he knows Aichi, despite having never met before.
This leads Aichi to believe they have met before, and he remembers that Mr. Mark, his history teacher from Episode 1, has the same voice and mannerisms. Seems like he was right as M gets very flustered, but then Nitta asks for all who’ve won the first round to gather.

The 4 who wins their second round will be redrawn for further fights. Nitta introduces the first two fights: Aichi vs Ninja Master M and Kai vs Inaba Kazuki, who’s won the previous 3 tournaments.

The fights begin! Aichi Stands Up Barkgal and M Stands Up Stealth Beast Hagakure.

M takes the first turn and Rides a Grade 1, Stealth Dragon Dreadmaster. Aichi goes, Rides Wingal, moves his Grade 0 Barkgal to Rear Guard and calls Little Sage, Marron. He attacks twice dealing 2 damage. 0-2.

M Rides a Grade 2, Chigasumi, and calls 2 more of the same Unit. He then calls another Dreadmaster to the Rear Guard. His first attack succeeds and due Chigasumi's special ability and Aichi having more cards in hand, Aichi has to discard a card. His second attack goes through but his last is guarded. 2-2.

On Aichi's turn, he Rides Blaster Blade and calls Knight of Silence, Gallatin. His first 2 attacks succeed but his last attack is guarded. Again, because Aichi's Vanguard battled Chigasumi, and M’s hand is less than Aichi’s, he has to discard a card. 2-4.

M now rides his Grade 3, Stealth Dragon Voidmaster, and calls another Rear Guard, Embodiment of Armor, Bahr. He attacks Chigasumi so it can force Aichi to discard from his hand so Aichi has a hard time thinking what to do. He suddenly hears Kai’s voice and watches just as Kai obliterates Kazuki with his Dragonic Overlord. Turning back to his fight, Aichi decides to guard. With M’s Vanguard attack he draws a critical trigger. His third a
ttack receives a +3k power boost because his hand is now bigger than Aichi’s thanks to the double drive trigger. 3 damage is dealt. 5-4. M tells Aichi that the next turn will be his final attack as he laughs.

Continued next episode