New Allies (Aratanaru Nakama-tachi) is the seventeenth episode of Cardfight!! Vanguard. It premiered on May 7, 2011. The match between Aichi and Kurosawa heats up!

With no cards in hand, Aichi

tries to come up with a strategy to best use the ones left on his field.

After a long time of thinking, Aichi finally makes his move. He first attacks with Gancelot but it is guarded. Next up is Alfred, and he draws a critical drive trigger, dealing 2 damage. Gordon is last but the attack is guarded. Aichi ends his turn. 2-4.

Kurosawa calls another Unit and attacks. First goes through, his Vanguard attacks, gaining a critical trigger as well. 5-4. Last attack is with a 23k Powered Unit. Alfred is at 10k Power and Aichi only guards with Wingal at 5k Power, 8k short. But it seems he has something up his sleeve as he looks over to Gordon. He intercepts with Gordon with 5k Power, still 3k short. But Gordon has a special ability, which is if a Royal Paladin is in the Vanguard circle, then it gains 5k defensive Power and so, a successful guard.

Apparently, the Gordon card only came out in a recent booster pack series and Kurosawa is surprised he knows how to use it already.

Knowing he has to settle things in this turn, Aichi draws. And it’s another new card, the Grade 3 Gigantic Charger. He uses its ability to draw and Call the top card of his Deck as it’s a Royal Paladin. He attacks with Gigantic Charger first, dealing 1 damage. Next up is Alfred with 20k Power, but Kurosawa guards with 2 cards and, with his Vanguard, they total 24k Power. Everything hinges on this Twin Drive, first check nothing, second check, critical trigger! With Alfred at 25k power and 2 damage, the ba

ttle is won.

Morikawa wonders why Kurosawa didn’t intercept. Kai explains that it’s because Aichi still had Gancelot and Kurosawa couldn’t afford to use all of his defenses for Alfred.

So next up, Toshiki Kai vs Kurosaki. This guy is u

sing the same clan as Kai, Kagero. Before the fight even begins, Kai’s cool composure has already started to shake up Kurosaki a bit.

Not all of the match is shown, but we do get to see the end where Kai’s Dragonic Overlord wipes Kurosaki’s field clear and draws 2 critical triggers in a row to destroy him.

Team Three Blacks take their hoods off to Team Q4 and congratulate them on a good win. Apparently all their last names may have "Dark" (kuro) in them, but their first names all mean "Light" (Hikaru Kurosawa, Light Kurosaki, Akira Kuroda).

Unfortunately for Kamui, 2 wins means they go through to the next round automatically. Since he doesn't get to to fight this time, he takes first round next time.

Episode 16