Ride to Victory!
(Shōrie no Raido) is the second episode of Cardfight!! Vanguard. It premiered on January 15, 2011. Aichi reveals that he and Toshiki had met once before when they were younger, and Toshiki had given him Blaster Blade. After, they continue their battle with fiery ambition.

Blaster Blade is on the field. And with it Aichi activates its abilities which at the cost of 2, he sends one of his opponent’s Rear Guards to the Drop Zone.

A flashback starts of how the two first met. Aichi was getting beaten up at school a lot. One day as he walked to school, Toshiki saw him, started talking to him and handed him Blaster Blade saying that one day, if he keeps imagining himself as the warrior, then he’ll become strong. He then became obsessed with making a deck and forgot all the bad stuff happening around him, but Kai moved before they could battle.

The battle heats up as Aichi fights back with a triple attack and leaves Kai with five damage.

Kai then says that he only wanted Aichi addicted on Vanguard so he could get rare cards from him. With a flaming hand he draws his best card Dragonic Overlord. He activates its

Toshiki plays Dragonic Overlord

ability and at the cost of 3 he increases its power by 5000. He then attacks! Aichi uses up his hand to defend against the first two but Dragonic Overlord’s attack gets through and kills one of Aichi’s rear guard. With its effect active Dragonic Overlord is untapped if it kills a rear guard so it keeps attacking and kills 2 of Aichi’s rear guard, then attacks Blaster Blade with a drive trigger meaning it deals 2 damage. But as Aichi draws his damage, the last one turns out to be Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine, a heal trigger. This one heals one damage if you have more than your opponent.

Aichi draws and says that he doesn’t believe what Kai said. He then attacks once, but is guarded. His second attack comes with Blaster Blade hoping to end it, but Kai guards again, which means all hope lies in a drive trigger. And he draws it! Add 5000 power +1 damage. With 24000 attack it’s more than enough to slice through Kai’s defense of 10000 and still have enough to kill Dragonic Overlord at 11000. Aichi pulls a miracle win! Kai then leaves the shop looking annoyed.

After school the next day, Aichi heads to the card shop early and sits down, alone. The shop clerk asks if he’s waiting for someone; he replies yes but he’s not sure if the guy’ll show up anymore. But then Kai steps through the door. Morikawa and the rest soon follow.

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