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Welcome to Card Capital!! (Yōkoso! Kādokyapitarue) is the third episode of Cardfight!! Vanguard. It premiered on January 22nd, 2011. Aichi's little sister, Emi, is worried about Aichi's after-school activities, so she follows him around.

The episode starts with a nice scene of Aichi in his house being woken up and served breakfast by his sister Emi. Aichi’s been leaving much earlier than usual and Emi is suspicious. She tails him for a bit but sees nothing suspicious.

After school knowing that her brother’s been coming home later than usual as well, she decides to go check up on him. She sees Morikawa ‘forcing’ Aichi to go someplace and assume

Emi's vision of Aichi

s that he’s in trouble with some ‘bad’ people. So she tails him again.

Aichi and friends go into Card Capital which Emi thinks is some place Aichi is getting beat up at… So she daringly ventures into the shop and is surprised to see just a normal card shop. The shop manager Shin Nitta kindly greets her. He gives a short introduction of TCGs and also introduces the shop clerk and his niece, Misaki Tokura.

Emi then notices Aichi as he and Morikawa start a Vanguard fight. As the fight goes on Emi sees a different Aichi, a stronger more confident person that she’s never known before. So she thinks it must be because of that card game.

Stand Up!

The fight itself is won by Aichi with 0 damage. Morikawa loaded his deck with Grade 3 Units and very few Grade 2's, meaning that he couldn’t get

Morikawa's Grade 3 cards.

out his entire hand of Grade 3's and lost due to very few Units being summoned. And none of his powerful Units could guard so he had no defense.

Emi greets her brother after the fight finishes and seeing him in a new light, she wants them to battle again. Morikawa and Aichi agree so the game goes on!

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