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Assault! Twin Drive (Mōkō! Tsuindoraibu) is the fourth episode of Cardfight!! Vanguard. It premiered on January 29th, 2011. Aichi battles Misaki in an attempt to find what he is missing.

Aichi visits the Card Capital repeatedly hoping Kai would return and fight him again. He thinks that Kai was holding back last time. He has a chat with Manager Nitta who, after having a look at his deck, tells him to come back tomorrow as there’ll be something nice for him. He comes back the next day to find out he has to fight Misaki Tokura before he can see this nice thing. Surprisingly Misaki’s never fought before but Nitta’s already prepared a deck for her so she doesn’t have much of a choice.

The fight begins! Misaki takes the first damage. Aichi attacks again and gets a drive trigger dealing 2 more damage. Misaki can now check two damage triggers and gets two draw triggers i.e. she can draw more

Morikawa prays for Aichi to lose, so that he may get the "nice thing".

. Misaki fights back with a card named Silent Tom that can’t be guarded against by Grade 0s and deals 2 damage. Aichi calls Blaster Blade and with its effect gets rid of one of the Silent Toms

Misaki plays her ace card.

then kills the other one and deals another damage. Misaki gets another draw trigger.

It’s her turn now and she seems to be getting serious as she Rides her main card, CEO Amaterasu, a Grade 3. She deals Aichi one damage who then draws a heal trigger but couldn’t use it, but he still gave Blaster Blade a powerup. But even with higher power Misaki still attacks with Amaterasu as Grade 3 cards can check for a drive trigger twice. Nothing, but no matter, due to Amaterasu’s ability if you have more than 4 cards in your hand its power goes up by 4000, hence all those draw triggers. Another damage making it 4-4.

Aichi attacks three times, but two were nullified so only 1 damage got through. Misaki’s been using Amaterasu’s ability as well, which is to check the top of your deck, if you don’t like

Misaki ponders her next move.

the card put it at the bottom. Amaterasu launches its final attack with a drive trigger and deals 2 damage wiping Aichi out.

He admits that he has still a lot to learn and there is so much more to Vanguard. This is what Nitta wanted to show him, most newbies only know a tiny part of the game when they start so they never improve. Nitta offers to help Aichi know more of the cards (as long as he stays as a customer of course). With this he hopes to become even stronger.

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