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Katsumi Morikawa likes to play Vanguard, and is also a little bit of a bully, as seen when he steals Aichi Sendo's card. Later on, he starts hanging out with Aichi, and playing Vanguard with him frequently. He competed in the Shop Tournament at Card Capital. He mainly uses Grade 3 Vanguard cards, which is why he always loses. His best friend is Izaki Yuta.


Morikawa is a little of a bully, who used to pick on Aichi and had even stolen his prized Blaster Blade card f
or his own selfish reasons. He later on befriended Aichi. H
Katsumi Morikawa

Morikawa's character design

e does not react well to criticism or losing, as seen when Taishi Miwa taunts him when he lost to Toshiki Kai. Whenever he loses a Vanguard fight, he blames it on bad luck, even though it is just bad card-playing.


Katsumi uses lots of Grade 3 cards in his deck and virtually no Grade 2s, so he loses a lot because he cannot make the transition from Grade 0 to 3. His ace card is Juggernaut Maximum.

Juggernaut Maximum

Lizard Runner, Undeux

Embodiment of Armor, Bahr

Embodiment of Spear, Tahr

Dragon Knight, Nehalem

Tyrant Death Rex

Stealth Dragon Voidmaster

Hell Spider

Demon Eater

Monster Frank